We've Moved!
My sister and I unfortunately do not live next door to eachother, or in the same state for that matter, so we had to make the hard decision to go our separate ways. Don't worry! We are still doing what we love, just on different websites now:

Sarah Bledsoe:

Michelle Boothe:

Come Visit Us! We look forward to seeing you!


Warner Family.

I put up way more pictures than normal, but this happens to be one of my most favorite photo shoots. There are just times when families really let go and let  you in to capture who they really are. This was one of those times.

Thanks for letting me be part of your day.

Sarah B.


Jannuzzi Family.

What troopers! It was cold, windy, and threatening to pour down any second, but this family was all smiles and so much fun to photograph. We had a good time and plus, do fall colors get much prettier than that? Anyone could tell how much they love to just be together.

Sarah B.